20 Tips To Travel The World On The Cheap!

I couldn’t say it any better…
If you feel lazy to watch the video here you have the 20 points to travel the world without spending an arm and a leg.



  1. Avoid traveling to expensive countries.
  2. Travel light.
  3. Purchase a decent guidebook.
  4. Bring a laptop.
  5. Unlock your mobile phone.
  6. Get travel insurance.
  7. Bring a debit card. Keep some cash with you.
  8. Book your flights early.
  9. Be Creative, find free tours.
  10. Get a student card.
  11. Use public transportation, get used to sleep in buses and trains to save in hotels.
  12. Sneak in.
  13. Have a good story.
  14. Eat street food.
  15. Drink with the locals.
  16. Avoid countries that require visas.
  17. Bargain, bargain hard!
  18. Don’t get ill!
  19. Don’t buy souvenirs!
  20. Use couchsurf and save in hotels.

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