“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

                                                                                                                                                – Andre Gide.

My Caribbean Cruise And Explorations Update

Ok, so I mentioned that I was going to go on a cruise in just a few days, well, I am on that cruise! I packed up my bags and decided to head south of the border, into the Caribbean the be exact. I flew down to Fort Lauderdale and took a cruise headed towards Cancun, Mexico (I'm typing this from my cabin too). Well, it only took us one day to get to Cancun and we only were allowed 15 hours to walk around until we had to report back to the ship. In those 15 hours I think I managed to make the best of my time there. First, I went to "OXXO" it is like a 7-eleven in the US, but it is a Mexican owned chain.

My Favorite Snack

I always heard about these "roles" everyone talks about, so I asked if they had any. Of course the lady didn't speak much English, so I was forced to use a little of my Espanol hehehe.  I said: "Perdon, donde estan los roles?" she replied, "ayi estan". I was so proud to understand what she was saying (probably because she pointed to help me). Well, I bought them and I absolutely fell in love with them. I loved them so much that I spent the rest of my time away from the cruise with at least one bag of roles in my bag lol.

So after visiting the area I was in, I decided to go to a new area called "La Zona Hotelera", in English that means hotel zone. This is where all the tourists from around the world come to stay and play. It felt like I was in Paradise, buildings were grandiose and plentiful. There was even a spot were they have Crocodiles living, I took a picture below to show you on the right. canucn crocodilesSo after being a little afraid of the Crocodiles, I decided to head back towards the ship so I would be so far away.

I went to Playa Del Carmen. Let me tell you this one thing, Playa Del Carmen is absolutely beautiful! I mean everyone was out peddling around on the beach with bikes and roller-blades, it was a sight to see and to soak in. The beach was turquoise, I mean absolutely gorgeous. The white sand looked so awesome running through your toes all while you step carefully around the seashells from the ocean. I was in heaven! I took a head start and ran straight into the ocean and to my surprise it was pretty warm! It definitely has a different feel from what we have in the United States, I'll tell you that.

My Secret Tip to Having Fun

I really didn't want to leave, I felt as if this was my home. I started to go back onto the ship to get dinner, because dinner is free there , yes I know I am cheap, but who said this was a vacation? I went to the restaurant they have, it was a Brazilian style restaurant. They serve you meat until you get full and boy did I get full lol, now all I need was a bottle of Vodka or Everclear and I would be good as new. That brings me to  what I mentioned in my last blog I have a little trick that I used to get cheap Alcohol. On our cruise alcohol can get very costly, I think my last cruise I spent around 500 dollars on just drinks. It's insane how much they charge you to drink, but anyway I didn't let them get the best of me this time around. I picked up some flasks from and a few other products like those factory sealed caps from

These are life savers!! I filled them up with alcohol and put them in my luggage and I kid you not, I have alcohol for this entire 8 day cruise. So much thanks go out to them I am so happy with their product.  Well this is Houston signing off until tomorrow or whenever I get a free chance this week to update you guys on what's going on with my journey throughout the Caribbean. Hasta Luego to you all!


Getting Ready For A Cruise.

They say that the incredible thing about a cruise, is to be able to enjoy the wonders of nature with all the comforts of the city.

Let’s see… I will keep you posted, I am packing as I write, I am very excited. Also, I have a little tip that I will be telling you soon if everything works as expected… Keep your fingers crossed!




20 Tips To Travel The World On The Cheap!

I couldn't say it any better... If you feel lazy to watch the video here you have the 20 points to travel the world without spending an arm and a leg.    
  1. Avoid traveling to expensive countries.
  2. Travel light.
  3. Purchase a decent guidebook.
  4. Bring a laptop.
  5. Unlock your mobile phone.
  6. Get travel insurance.
  7. Bring a debit card. Keep some cash with you.
  8. Book your flights early.
  9. Be Creative, find free tours.
  10. Get a student card.
  11. Use public transportation, get used to sleep in buses and trains to save in hotels.
  12. Sneak in.
  13. Have a good story.
  14. Eat street food.
  15. Drink with the locals.
  16. Avoid countries that require visas.
  17. Bargain, bargain hard!
  18. Don't get ill!
  19. Don't buy souvenirs!
  20. Use couchsurf and save in hotels.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

                                                                                                              –  Augustine of Hippo